Israel, Palestinians & Mid-East

ipmapThe Arab-Israeli conflict has unfolded for over six decades amidst  global wars, superpower rivalries, and economic, ethnic, and religious tensions. It has given rise to an enormous amount of written documents, primary sources, commentaries, analyses, propoganda and polemic.

This page has the very restricted purpose of collecting materials especially pertinent to interreligious relations dating from late 2009, with special attention to how events in the Middle East affect interreligious relations in North America. The posting of an item does not constitute endorsement by CCJR or Saint Joseph's University.

For an outline of the history of the conflict, click HERE.

Title Date Author
Kairos Palestine Document and a Study Guide June, 2011 Written by Middle East Monitoring Group oif the Presbyterian Church USA
Address to the United States Congress May, 2011 Written by Benjamin Netanyahu
The Long Overdue Palestinian State May, 2011 Written by Mahmoud Abbas
Kairos Southern Africa's Response to Palestine Kairos April, 2011 Written by Kairos South Africa
The American Churches and the Role of Fear in the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict February, 2011 Written by Ruth Lautt & Peter Pettit
Comments on Bishop Bustros' controversial statements November, 2010 Written by Timothy Dolan
Editorial: "Two Peoples, One State" November, 2010 Written by Raymond A. Schroth
Peace for the Holy Land: The Promised Land and the Chosen People - The Two-State Solution November, 2010 Written by Cyril S. Bustros
Controversial Comments of Archbishop Cyril Bustros November, 2010 Written by various authors
Letter from Kairos Palestine authors to ICCJ October, 2010 Written by Kairos Palestine
Message to the People of God October, 2010 Written by Special Assembly for the Middle East of the Synod of Bishops
Vatican Synod on the Middle East, Oct 10-24, 2010 October, 2010 Written by various authors
Affirming the Image of God September, 2010 Written by Scholars of the Jewish Theology Project of the Elijah Interfaith Institute
"Let Us Have Mercy Upon Words" July, 2010 Written by Executive Board, International Council of Christians and Jews
Comments on Presbyterian Church USA General Assembly actions July, 2010 Written by AJC, ADL, Besser, Ashrawi, PC-USA leaders, Foxman
Presbyterian General Assembly approves ‘Breaking Down the Walls’ report on Middle East July, 2010 Written by Toya Richards [Presbyterian Church (USA)]
Reflecting on “Kairos Palestine: A world of faith, hope and love from the heart of Palestinian suffering” July, 2010 Written by Mission & Public Affairs Council of the General Synod of the Church of England
B'nai B'rith International Urges Fair Presbyterian Approach to Middle East June, 2010 Written by B'nai B'rith International
Statement on Christians in the Middle East June, 2010 Written by Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding
The Catholic Church in The Middle East: Communion and Witness (excerpt) June, 2010 Written by Synod of Bishops: Special Assembly for the Middle East
A response from the Church of Sweden to Kairos Palestine June, 2010 Written by Commission for International Mission and Diakonia for the Church of Sweden
Vatican's U.N. Observer on Gaza Blockade June, 2010 Written by Vatican Radio
“A Moment of Truth” – A Response May, 2010 Written by Church of Norway Council on Ecumenical and International Relations
Presbyterian Church USA Proposes Biased Report on Israel May, 2010 Written by United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
Statement on Divestment, Boycott and Economic Sanctions as a means of Nonviolent Resistance May, 2010 Written by National Executive Council of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship
Report on COCOP Study Day on the Kairos Palestine Document May, 2010 Written by Hanna Lehming / COCOP
Resolution on the 2009 Kairos Document April, 2010 Written by Central Conference of American Rabbis
A pastoral response to the Palestine Kairos document: “A Moment of Truth” April, 2010 Written by UCC, Disciples of Christ, Global Ministries
The Palestinian "Kairos" Document: A Behind-the-Scenes Analysis April, 2010 Written by Malcolm Lowe
A South African Christian response to the Kairos Palestine Document March, 2010 Written by Group of South African Christians
Friends in Deed March, 2010 Written by Lee Smith
Presbyterian Church USA Report "Offensive Attack On Judaism And Israel" March, 2010 Written by Anti-Defamation League
Breaking Down the Walls March, 2010 Written by Middle East Study Committee, Presbyterian Church - USA
Guidelines for Mideast Synod January, 2010 Written by General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops
Peace with Justice Is within Reach January, 2010 Written by Coordination of Episcopal Conferences in Support of the Church in the Holy Land
Cautions to U.S. Churches Regarding the Kairos Palestine Document January, 2010 Written by Christians for Fair Witness on the Middle East
Kairos Palestine December, 2009 Written by Palestinian Christians Group