Membership Norms

At the CSG business meeting on November 5, 2002, at the Miramar Retreat Center, Duxbury, MA, the quorum present approved the following norms for CSG membership and the following statement concerning the duties of the membership committee. Subsequent amendment has taken place on March 14, 2015, in Boston MA.


  1. Elected to renewable five-year terms by consensus of the full membership.

  2. Currently active in the field as professors and/or publishing authors.

  3. Involved in ongoing discussion with Jewish as well as Christian scholars.

  4. Concerned to have their scholarship make an impact on Christian life and thought.

  5. Open to opportunities to move their concerns into other arenas (e.g., professional associations, academic and ecclesiastical institutions, interfaith organizations and institutes).


  1. Jewish peer colleagues in the field of Christian-Jewish relations, with evidence of activity and commitments in the field comparable to those of members (mutatis mutandis, see above).

  2. Elected to renewable five-year terms by consensus of the full membership.

  3. Welcome as participants at all meetings, with voice but not vote in business meetings.

  4. Subject to the same review processes as members.

THE MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE is composed of three members appointed by the CSG Chair. They serve terms of three years, and work collaboratively with the CSG Chair. Any CSG member may submit nominations for membership or consultor status to this committee, which works by consensus and recommends the election of new members and consultors to the full body of the CSG. The Committee also reviews and recommends to the full membership decisions about renewals of memberships and consultors. In the membership review process described next, Jewish consultors shall be included in all references to members.


  • Frequent Absences

The Membership Committee may choose to review the good standing of members whose participation in the CSG is questionable because of (A) two consecutive unexcused absences; (B) four non-consecutive unexcused or excused absences; or (C) regular partial attendance at meetings. The Membership Committee may recommend to the full body of the CSG that the membership of those with such frequent absences be revoked. This would be voted upon by the quorum present at the subsequent CSG meeting.

  • Five-Year Reviews

The membership committee will keep track of the five-year terms and will remind members at the beginning of their fifth year that, if they would like to continue in the CSG for another term, they are, during the course of this fifth year, to be engaged in a review of their membership. Members may decide not to engage in review and to simply inform the membership committee and the group as a whole that, at the end of their current term, they will withdraw from the CSG.

Normally, new members will begin their tenure in the CSG at a fall meeting. The final year of a term will begin after the spring meeting that ends four academic years of membership.

Primarily, the review will be a self-review. The criteria cited above (items 2-5) are to be used by members to review their membership. Members engaging in this self-review may seek the evaluation of other members, and other members may offer pertinent counsel to those in the process of review and to the membership committee. Each member engaging in review will inform the membership committee by the end of the fall meeting during the review year about whether she or he wishes to have another term. If so, the member will submit a brief statement to the membership committee within one month after that fall meeting, explaining why another term would be appropriate. The membership committee will consider the self-review together with any pertinent counsel received, and then inform the member by January 15 of the recommendation it would make to the entire CSG. The member engaging in review will then advise the membership committee whether to submit the recommendation to the entire group. A recommendation would not be submitted if the member were to withdraw from the review process.


MEMBERSHIP BY TERM (As of March 2015)


  • Eugene Fisher
  • John Pawlikowski
  • Elena Procario-Foley



  • Katharina von Kellenbach
  • Esther Menn
  • Karla Suomala


  • Bob Cathey
  • Phil Cunningham
  • Peter Pettit
  • Jean-Pierre Ruiz
  • Reggie Williams


  • Vicky Barnett
  • Heather Miller-Rubens


  • Jim Bernauer
  • Mary Boys
  • Michael McGarry
  • Demetrios Tonias