Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Collaboration, Jerusalem

CJCUCThe Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Collaboration is founded on the proposition that the great faith communities of Judaism and Christianity, rooted in a shared Bible, which both accept as the eternal word of G-d, must begin a theological dialogue. The discourse that takes place encompasses a mutual respect of each other’s faith and defies any goal of converting one to the faith of the other. It also rejects the necessity of one compromising his or her theological truths in deference to the other.

We believe that only when we truly clarify our respective truths, faith commitments and ideals with honesty and clarity will we become fully empowered to embrace the other in a love completely devoid of fear. We are certain that through these relational dialogues we will find far more which unites us than divides us – and will be able to speak with substance and direction to the confused and concerned masses threatened to be overwhelmed by material secularism on the one hand and Islamic fundamentalism on the other.

Both of our faith communities originate in G-d’s election, are constituted by G-d’s covenant, and anticipate G-d’s redemption. We must better understand each other so that we may even more firmly support each other – and together turn a fragile and fragmented world on the brink of disaster into a united world community committed to a G-d of love and peace.

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