Center for Study of Values & Violence after Auschwitz, Florida Atlantic Univ.

Center for Holocaust and Human Rights EducationThe mission of the Center for the Study of Values and Violence After Auschwitz at Florida Atlantic University is to stimulate dialogue that explores and defines issues of values and violence that influence contemporary society.  Emphasizing Inter-faith dialogue and applying the contemporary lessons and legacies of the Holocaust, the Center strives to articulate  ethical and moral guidelines that will strengthen leadership skills, facilitate communication among multi-ethnic cultures, and create greater harmony within our communities in the 21st century.

The opposite of love is not hatred.
The opposite of love is indifference.

-  Elie Wiesel



Since the Holocaust, the world has witnessed both an increased search for goodness and a continuation of intolerance and violent behavior.  Expressions of hatred and discrimination range from individual acts of aggression to full-scale genocide.  “Ethnic Cleansing,”and the use of mass rape as a weapon/crime against humanity are unexceptional events  Rwanda, the former Yugoslavia, and the Darfur region of the Sudan exemplify these genocidal benchmarks. Violence in schools and in city streets is becoming epidemic. In an increasingly multicultural society beset by a variety of psychological and economic stresses, the temptation to hate and commit violence against one another grows exponentially.




One hopeful exception is the area of interfaith relations.  Here, the lessons of the Holocaust concerning the dangers of antisemitism, prejudice and racism seem to be taking hold.  The Center for the Study of Values and Violence After Auschwitz is founded on the premise that interfaith dialogue can be paradigmatic in teaching respect for the Other.  The Center examines the economic, psychological, and religious factors that give rise to antisemitism, fanaticism, and racism in individuals, families, and in our culture at large in order to generate communication and discussion among different faith groups in our society.  I invite you to be a part of our goal to fight the indifference.


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