Department of Jewish-Christian Studies, Seton Hall University, NJ

Seton HallThe Department of Jewish-Christian Studies awards the Master of Arts degree (36 credits) and graduate certificate (12 credits) in Jewish-Christian Studies. The curriculum covers all aspects of the relationship between Jews and Christians - their respective values and traditions. Studies build critical academic bases for understanding Christians and Jews historically and phenomenologically.

A Jewish-Christian critical awareness will equip graduates for many facets of interreligious and multicultural encounters. Courses are rooted in the study of sacred texts in their historical and socio-religious world context, utilizing critical methods to promote an honest and in depth analysis of the individuals and communities that produced them. Courses examine the religious, ethical and social issues that are central for understanding Christians and Jews today through cross-cultural and phenomenological studies and dynamic analysis. The program is ideally suited for teachers in public, private and parochial schools; education and ecumenical administrators; clergy and seminarians; as well as generalists who seek the means to explore Jewish and Christian studies.

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