Centre for Catholic-Jewish Learning, Kings University College, ON

Centre for Catholic-Jewish LearningIn the forty years since the Second Vatican Council (1962-65), the relationship between the Jewish people and the Catholic Church has undergone a profound reorientation and renewal. Centuries of hostility, misunderstanding and distance have gradually yielded to a more positive, more respectful and collaborative relationship, in which Catholics have been challenged to revise their thinking and acting with regard to their Jewish sisters and brothers, and vice-versa. A people whom Catholics sometimes characterized as "faithless and "blind" are now our "beloved elder brothers and sisters in the faith," and both Catholics and Jews have been energetic in re-building that relationship, enabling both communities to understand what they share-and where they differ.

The Centre for Catholic-Jewish Learning at King's University College is an interfaith initiative meant to celebrate and further that renewal. We hope to provide a forum in which academics and other community members can discuss the many intersections between Christianity and Judaism, can learn more about each other, and can explore ways to cooperate in a fruitful and respectful manner. We intend our work to be an authentic expression of the transformation that began at Vatican II and continues today. As Jews and Christians, university members and community leaders, we hope to build an interdisciplinary network of relationships involving shared research, teaching and publication, and to offer resources to those who seek to join in that conversation.

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