Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding, NY

TanenbaumThe daily abuse of religion threatens world peace. At Tanenbaum - a secular, non-sectarian organization - we work to reduce and prevent the violence perpetrated in the name of religion by supporting religious peacemakers who struggle in areas of armed conflict and by overcoming religious intolerance in workplaces and schools.


Education: Children don't begin life filled with fear, hatred and negative stereotypes,
but attitudes form early. We train educators to prepare students to thrive in a multicultural, multi-religious society by providing training and cutting-edge multicultural curricula.

Workplace: Religion in the workplace can be tricky. That's why we work with corporations and institutions to create religiously inclusive policies and practices. We train service providers in healthcare and other settings to work with religiously diverse communities.

Conflict Resolution: Sick of headlines about religion fueling wars? We identify, train and promote religious peacemakers from far and near -- so that they are even more effective in areas of armed conflict.

Interreligious Affairs:  The roots of religious prejudice and hostility can sometimes be traced to the scripture, teaching and preaching of religion itself.  Confronting the religious roots of prejudice is a difficult and sensitive task that requires dedication and trust between religious communities.  Tanenbaum’s conferences and publications, its connection to interfaith associations such as the International Council of Christians and Jews with its International Abrahamic Forum and the CCJR, help to build that trust.


Visit their website at http://www.tanenbaum.org/