Judaic and Catholic Studies Centers, Fairfield University, CT

fairfieldFairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut is the home of the Center for Catholic Studies and the Carl and Dorothy Bennett Center for Judaic Studies. The two endeavors regularly collaborate to offer lectures and other programs concerning relations between the Jewish and Christian communities.

Center for Catholic Studies
Catholic Studies is an inter-disciplinary inquiry into the intellectual tradition, history and culture, both "high" and popular, of the Catholic Christian tradition. While the field of study certainly includes religious questions and theological issues, it primarily follows a "cultural studies" model. In addition to courses on the Catholic Church and issues in Catholic theology, it examines the role of the Catholic tradition in history, in literature and the arts, in the history of science, and in cultural and ethical issues related to many fields of professional practice. Its purpose is to raise awareness of the distinctive contributions of the Catholic Church to religious, cultural intellectual issues throughout the last two thousand years. More >>

Carl & Dorothy Bennett Center for Judaic Studies
The Center's goal is to provide Fairfield University students exposure to and contact with Jewish ideas, culture, and thinking. The progressive mission of Judaic Studies at Fairfield is to be a multifaceted, interdisciplinary program that studies Judaism as an ongoing religious, historical, and cultural civilization. From the establishment and retention of the Chair and minor in Judaic Studies, to the comprehensive resources and renown outreach programs, the Bennett Center has established a permanent and growing reputation in the Fairfield County community - reaching out to its 70,000 Jewish residents and neighbors effectively and prolifically - as well as others from all denominations. Through the Center, Fairfield University continues to be committed to building a bridge of understanding between the Judaic and Jesuit traditions. More >>