Mobile Christian-Jewish Dialogue, Spring Hill College, AL

The Mobile Christian-Jewish Dialogue, directed by lay members of the local Jewish and Christian communities under the sponsorship of Spring Hill College, promotes interreligious understanding. Through such activities as public lectures and joint prayer services, we foster understanding of each other's religions and practices, help participants come to know "the other," combat stereotypes and negative attitudes, and encourage respect and celebration of the richness of one another's traditions. Building on the legacy of Christian-Jewish dialogue in Mobile, we make scholarly information and perspectives available to eveyone in a way that is relevant to their personal lives and to issues confronting us all.

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Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding, NY

TanenbaumThe daily abuse of religion threatens world peace. At Tanenbaum - a secular, non-sectarian organization - we work to reduce and prevent the violence perpetrated in the name of religion by supporting religious peacemakers who struggle in areas of armed conflict and by overcoming religious intolerance in workplaces and schools.

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US Holocaust Memorial Museum Committee on Ethics, Religion & the Holocaust


USHMM_100KThe United States Holocaust Memorial Council's legislation mandates Holocaust educational programming throughout the country in both religious and secular contexts. Because the religious community has a special interest in the Holocaust, a Committee on Ethics, Religion and the Holocaust was established to engage the various Christian organizations in the United States to fulfill that mandate.

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Wackerlin Center for Faith and Action, Aurora University, IL

Center for Faith and ActionThe Wackerlin Center for Faith and Action, mindful of Aurora University's Christian heritage, encourages all people to reflect upon the importance of religion and of inter-religious relations, and to work with others to understand and mend the world.

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