Nostra Aetate precursors

Title Date Author
An Address to the Churches (The Ten Points of Seelisberg) August, 1947 Written by International Council of Christians and Jews
On the Jewish Question April, 1950 Written by Evangelische Kirsche in Deutschland
The Schwalbach Theses: Proposals for Christian Religious Teaching May, 1950 Written by German Coordinating Council of Societies for Christian-Jewish Cooperation
Theses for Evanston August, 1954 Written by Karl Thieme
Avoiding Antisemitism April, 1960 Written by Faculty of the Pontifical Biblical Institute
Recommendations from the Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies, Seton Hall University June, 1960 Written by John Oesterreicher et al.
Second International Catholic Study Conference in Apeldoorn on Christian-Jewish Relations September, 1960 Written by Willehad Eckert, O.P.
John XXIII: "I am Joseph, your brother" October, 1960 Written by L'Osservatore Romano
The Image of Jews in Catholic Teaching June, 1961 Written by Judith Hershcopf
Anti-Jewish Elements in Catholic Liturgy November, 1961 Written by Eric Werner
Resolution on Anti-Semitism November, 1961 Written by World Council of Churches, Third Assembly
On Improving Catholic-Jewish Relations May, 1962 Written by Abraham Joshua Heschel
Address to "the People of the Covenant" January, 1964 Written by Pope Paul VI