Hosted by: 

Institute for Jewish-Catholic Relations

Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, PA

31 October 1 November 2021



Note: With the exception of the public program on Sunday at 4:30 p.m., all meeting sessions are for CCJR members only and require advance registration. 

2:30-2:40 PM:

 Welcome (Teletorium in Mandeville Hall, SJU Campus) 


 Kevin Spicer, CSC, Chair (Stonehill College) 


2:40-4:00 PM  Panel 1: Women, Gender, Leadership, and Interreligious Relations  
  The role of women and the understanding of gender is constantly in flux in today’s world and within our religious traditions. This panel presents an open conversation about women, gender and leadership in the world of interreligious encounter, an important topic to consider as we look to the future of interreligious dialogue.   
   Moderator: Elena Procario-Foley (Iona College)   

 Panelists: Mehnaz Afridi (Manhattan College), Celia Deutsch (Barnard College), Malka Simkovich (Catholic Theological Union) 



4:00-4:30 PM


Coffee Break 


4:30-6:30 PM  Shevet Achim Award and Keynote Address  
  Honoree and Keynoter: Philip Cunningham (Saint Joseph's University)   
  Testimonials: Mary Boys (Union Theological Seminary), Adam Gregerman (Saint Joseph's University)   
  Keynote: “Maxims for Mutuality: Principles for Catholic Theology, Education, and Preaching about Jews and Judaism”   

Respondents: Elena Procario-Foley (Iona College), Benjamin Sax (Institute for Islamic-Christian-Jewish Studies) 



6:30-7:00 PM


Reception (CCJR Members) 



7:00 PM


Dinner (CCJR Members)





7:30-8:30 AM


CCJR Board Meeting (at hotel) 



8:00-8:45 AM


Breakfast (at hotel) 


9:00-10:30 AM

Panel 2: Addressing Contentious Issues in Jewish-Christian Relations  (Teletorium in Mandeville Hall, SJU Campus) 


The Israeli-Palestinian / Israeli-Arab conflicts remain central issues of contention in Jewish-Christian relations, fueled regularly by new developments and events. They also overlap with issues we all deal with: the ongoing reality of antisemitism and Islamophobia, the challenges of responding to multiple forms of hatred, and conversations about intersectionality. As people with experience and friendships in Jewish-Christian dialogue, how do our conversations differ from those in other contexts? What lessons or constructive insights can we share with one another? How might we contribute to these larger issues? We'd like to frame this session as an opportunity for a wider discussion among CCJR meeting attendees. Based on our experience as participants in Jewish-Christian dialogue, where do we see possible ways of getting beyond contention?

Discussion moderators/starters: Vicki Barnett (USHMM emerita), Mary Boys (Union Theological Seminary), Adam Gregerman (Saint Joseph's University) 



Coffee Break


10:45-12:00 PM

CCJR Business Meeting and Closing Remarks


1200 PM Lunch