Outbursts of Bigotry in 2017

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Letter to the Jewish Community

We write today to express our collective horror and deep sorrow over the recent threats to, and attacks on, Jewish holy spaces.  The thought of children having to learn what to do when their school receives a bomb threat is heart-breaking.  The thought of gravestones being vandalized is sickening. And, the thought of our friends and family who are Jewish having to learn different ways to live in our shared communities is devastating. 

Please know our thoughts and our prayers are with you. We know we cannot take away the hurt and fear, but we pledge to do our best to be partners with you in transforming the situation. One of the concluding statements from the United Methodist Church document entitled, “United Methodist Guiding Principles for Christian-Jewish Relations” (2016 Book of Resolutions, Resolution #3292, p. 302) says the following:

…It is essential for Christians to oppose forcefully anti-Jewish acts and rhetoric that persist in the present time in many places.  We must be zealous in challenging overt and subtle anti-Semitic stereotypes and bigoted attitudes that ultimately made the Holocaust possible, and which stubbornly and insidiously continue today. These lingering patters are a call to Christians for ever-new educational efforts and continued vigilance, so that we, remembering and honoring the cries of the tortured and the dead, can claim with Jews around the world to be faithful to the post-Holocaust cry of “Never again.”

The ecumenical staff of the Council of Bishops sends this letter to make sure you know we are holding you in prayer.  We will stand with you and for you whenever we are able.  The United Methodist Church has spoken strongly against such terrorizing acts, and it is our sincere desire you know you are not alone in another moment in history full of hate and discrimination.

Bishop B. Michael Watson, Ecumenical Officer of the Council of Bishops

Rev. Dr. Jean G. Hawxhurst, Ecumenical Staff Officer

Dr. Kyle Tau, Ecumenical Staff Officer