CCJR Announces 13th Annual Meeting


The CCJR's 13th annual meeting will occur from Friday, October 24 - Monday, October 27, 2014, hosted by the Mobile Christian-Jewish Dialogue, Spring Hill College, 4000 Dauphin Street, Mobile, Alabama 36608. For details click on the "Annual Meeting" tab in the top navigation bar. The local planning committee extends this special invitation to CCJR members:



The Jewish and Christian communities of Mobile, as well as the leadership of the Mobile Christian Jewish Dialogue, are most excited to welcome you, the Council of Centers, to Alabama's Port City for your 2014 annual meeting!

In its fortieth anniversary year of interreligious hospitality, the Mobile Christian Jewish Dialogue is pleased to include the CCJR's Annual Meeting as part of its local celebration of the legacy of two of our founders, Paul and Mary Filben of blessed memory.

The CCJR program includes, for the first time, a full day of shared celebration of the Sabbath at Ahavas Chesed Conservative Synagogue in Mobile, including evening and morning services and kosher meals through Saturday night. Saturday afternoon will be dedicated to dialogue with the Jewish and Christian communities of Mobile. Home Hospitality is available near the synagogue for those who prefer to walk on Shabbat.

On Sunday, in additional to our normal sessions and keynote panel, we have included a special meal on 'the Causeway,' which spans scenic Mobile Bay.

Come Enjoy Our Hospitality in October!