ICCJ Issues Major Statement on Jewish-Christian Relations

On July 5, 2009 at its annual meeting in Berlin, Germany, the International Council of Christians and Jews released a major new document on Jewish-Christian relations. 

Entitled "A Time for Recommitment: Building the New Relationship between Jews and Christians," the 22-page statement recalls and updates the historic 1947 declaration commonly known as the "Ten Points of Seelisberg," which, in the immediate aftermath of the horrors of the Shoah, helped spark a new era of dialogue and cooperation between Christians and Jews.

Written by Christians and Jews from a dozen countries, the statement begins with the "Twelve Points of Berlin," but whereas the original Ten Points of Seelisberg were described as "An Address to the Churches," the new document addresses in turn Christians, then Jews, and finally Christians, Jews, and members of other religious traditions. 

The "Twelve Points" are followed by a narrative entitled, "The Story of the Transformation of Relationship," which reviews the long ambivalent history of relations between Christians and Jews, the developments of the last six decades, lessons learned from the new experience of dialogue, and looks ahead to the future continued building of the new relationship.

A companion curriculum for educational and dialogical programs is in preparation.

To access "A Time for Recommitment" click HERE.