ICCJ issues: "The Demands of Our Times: A Statement on Antisemitism"

The International Council of Christians and Jews released today a statement regarding the rise of antisemitic outbursts internationally. In announcing the statement, General Secretary Anette Adelmann commented: 


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Looking with alarm and revulsion upon the current resurgence of antisemitism, the ICCJ Executive Board decided to publish a statement entitled "The Demands of Our Time – A Statement on Antisemitism".

I would like to share the document with our member organizations and let you know on behalf of all members of the ICCJ Executive Board that we highly appreciate the tireless efforts of our member organizations to combat antisemitism and hate in your regions.

Reflecting on the situation in my own region I often feel helpless, weak and much too faint to be heard, but to me as a member of ICCJ it is encouraging and strengthening that my single, "regional" voice becomes part of a global choir not giving up to call out loud and clear our mutual message to the world. I wish that we won't lose the energy to raise our single voices and to unite them so that our choir proclaiming harmony will drown out the dissonances in our societies.

So, please feel free to use the ICCJ statement for your purposes, translate it, share it with your members and circulate it among those who should read it.

Warm greetings from the Martin-Buber-House, ICCJ's headquarters in Heppenheim, Germany


Access the statement HERE


Anette Adelmann
ICCJ General Secretary
The International Council of Christians and Jews [ICCJ]